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Reasons to Remove a Tree in Lewiston, ME; Land Clearing, Hazardous Trees at Risk of Falling & More

The landscape around your house is something that will need your attention on a regular basis. You have to make sure it is getting a sufficient amount of water, sun and care. The landscape that you have will have a large presence and effect on the curb appeal as well as the value of your home. A good landscape will have trees that offer more than just beauty to a property. The trees are separate from other landscape elements and should be treated as such. Trees also bring shade and privacy when they are growing. You want to make sure that your trees have the best chance to grow and flourish but that does not mean that you won’t need to have one removed on occasion. TREEGUY.com outlines when you may need to have a tree removed from your property.

Clear Land of Trees

There are times that your property has extra space that you want to start using. This might be adding a driveway, garden, shed and more to the area. You want to see what space is best and what needs to be cleared out of the way. The clearing many times will include taking some of the trees that are blocking the area that you need to move. When you want to clear an area this many times includes needing to remove a tree and a stump as well.

Removing Trees at Risk of Falling

The trees on your property should be cared for and that means that you need to check if they are growing properly. This does not always mean the upper part of the tree that offers shade but the roots as well. The roots need to be able to take a good hold of the ground. If the tree was not planted with adequate space and watered properly to support deep root growth it could be a problem. If the root system tends to be running along the top of the soil it can be a issue as well. It may mean that the tree does not have a good root system and could be a fall hazard. All it will take is a strong wind storm to come along and topple it over. These unsafe trees may need to be removed.

Remove Fallen Tree

There are also trees that seem to be in great shape and are trimmed, pruned and watered properly but still end up in trouble. The tree can come across weather that it cannot stand up against and it might fall over. These tress when they are down are a hazard all on their own and will require them to be removed from the area. They pose a risk to the surrounding area because they are unstable and can continue to roll and move.

Tree Removal Services & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

TREEGUY.com can come out to your property and perform a pre-storm tree safety inspection to see if there are any trees that need to be removed. If there are, we can safely remove these hazardous trees. Call us today.

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