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Benefits of Planting Shade Trees in Gorham, ME; Cooling Effect, Add Home Value & More

Every home has its very own unique look both inside and out. There are many different factors that combine to give your home its look. Your house and roof color and material, home elevation and landscaping all combine to help create the overall curb appeal of your home and property. As you are trying to decide what kind of home statement you want your home to make you may want to consider adding some shade trees to your landscaping. The many different benefits of shade trees may surprise you. Today TREEGUY.com wants to highlight some of the important benefits of adding shade trees to your property.

Shade Trees Have a Cooling Effect on Your House

The first benefit is the most obvious one – shade trees help cool your home. When your shade trees get tall enough to block your roof and windows from the sun the amount of direct sunlight that your home gets decreases dramatically. When your landscaping is planted effectively it will help keep your home cool. You need to be smart about how you plant your trees to maximize this benefit. Remember to think about which way the shadow from your trees will go. Most people shade their yard from east to west. If you place your trees wisely you could cut your summer air conditioning needs by up to 50%.

Shade Trees Add Value to Your Home

Another advantage to having shade trees is that it increases your property value. Shade trees that are well maintained add beauty to your home. The prettier that your house is the more you can sell it for. Well planted trees can increase your property value by up to 15%. Peak home buying seasons are in the spring and fall which is when your trees will be their prettiest. Not only do shade trees entice buyers because of their beauty, they also encourage buyers to purchase your home because they help provide an amazing yard for children. There are so many different things that families can do underneath shade trees. Your family can have picnics underneath your shade trees. You can put a swing on your tree for kids to enjoy. You can read underneath your shade trees too. Kids also love to climb trees. If you are planning on having a family or already have one planting a shade tree is an excellent idea!

Trees Absorb Carbon Dioxide & Release Oxygen

In today’s society many people are more educated about the environment. Trees are fantastic for the environment! Trees help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. They replace the carbon dioxide with oxygen that is necessary for human survival. Studies show that in one year an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people. Trees also help keep the air clean. Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases.

Tree Planting, Trimming & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

Another interesting benefit is that trees reduce violence. Studies have routinely shown that neighborhoods and homes that have trees have less violence than areas that do not have as much green landscaping. Scientists say that trees and landscaping help to reduce the level of fear in people. If you do not have shade trees on your property you should truly consider planting some. TREEGUY.com can help give you some suggestions for your property and help you plant them. We offer both ball and burlap as well as container tree planting. Further, we can also help keep your trees healthy as they grow throughout the seasons. If you already have trees on your property we can help you take care of them too. Give us a call today!

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