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207 Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured service provider supplying commercial and residential tree care services in the Greater Portland, Maine area. Deploying superior services by remarkable technicians that have the expertise in the field, you can count on integrity and friendly customer service with 207 Tree Service as we continue to strive in raising the standards and exceeding expectations. As a family owned and operated company, we do what we can to ensure both commercial and residential services are affordable and of high-quality.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Commercial and residential properties have trees adorning the landscaping. To manage and improve the health and appearance of your trees, tree trimming is an essential tree part of maintenance. To help your tree grow healthier and larger, we eliminate any branches that are unhealthy or overgrown. The healthier tree limbs can get the water and nutrients that your tree pulls from the soil and disperses throughout the healthy parts, instead of unnecessarily stealing these nutrients that impact the healthy areas.

Emergency Hazardous Tree Removal

It is not uncommon for trees to be removed from commercial and residential properties. Trees riddled with disease, pest infestation, or encroaching on structures, or taking up needed real estate, causing a negative impact, or needing more space, you can count on 207 Tree Service to remove it safely and effectively. Whether you need to remove a portion or the entire tree, we can ensure the job is done right.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Particularly when larger trees are removed, you may have an unsightly stump left behind, and without the right equipment, it can be challenging to remove from your commercial or residential landscaping. 207 Tree Service has the necessary equipment, to remove even the largest stumps from your yard, to make certain the stump is removed and the roots are grinded out to ensure the tree cannot regrow. The stumps left behind attract pest infestations, especially the wood destroying pests, as well as diseases that can affect the vegetation of your landscaping. Also, stumps can be a tripping hazard as well as a complete eyesore. Call 207 Tree Service for peace of mind the job is done correctly when you need a stump removed as our qualified specialists execute this service with quality.

Green Tree Recycling

As strong advocates in green tree recycling, 207 Tree Service participates in this endeavor. The trees we cut never go to waste, for instance the tree branches are taken to a green waste recycling center so that they can be compost fertilizer for lawn care. For lumber to build homes, large logs are taken to a mill where they will be cut in boards. For pulp wood the smaller tree pieces are either taken to a paper mill or used as firewood. Also, we generally recycle pine trees into pulp wood, plywood, or mulch.

Best Tree Services in Bangor, Augusta, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth as well as Greater Portland, Maine and surrounding areas

No matter the tree services you home or business require in the Greater Portland, ME, Greater Portland, ME area, we at 207 Tree Service are readily available to oblige. Call us today to get started!

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