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Tree Trimming & Pruning

When you choose 207 Tree Service to handle your tree trimming and pruning services, you know you are getting the best in the business. We offer superior tree trimming and pruning services at a price our customers can afford. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional tree cutting services that will help you tree grow healthy and offer the beauty you are looking for on your property!

Importance of Trimming & Pruning Trees

Nobody wants to think of their trees as anything short of healthy. When you don’t trim or prune them properly though, you could be facing trees that aren’t growing correctly and experience problems later down the road. Tree maintenance is one of the key factors in ensuring your tree grows properly and lives a long, full life. When you neglect your trees, you may find that they are more susceptible to disease and aren’t as strong as the could have been had you performed the necessary trimming and pruning.

Advantages of Tree Trimming & Pruning

At 207 Tree Service, we have mastered several different tree trimming and pruning techniques. It doesn’t matter what type of tree you may have, we have the knowledge and training necessary to trim and maintain it to yield the best results. Following are some of the benefits that come from having one of our arborists perform your tree trimming and pruning each year:

– Extended life span of your trees
– Fewer dangerous and hazardous limbs
– Sunlight can penetrate properly, resulting in thicker undergrowth
– Increased resistance to pests and diseases
– Increased strength to withstand strong winds and severe storms

Signs That You Need to Trim or Prune Your Trees

If you are wondering how you can know if your tree needs to be trimmed and pruned, here are some of the signs that indicate it does:

– Trees limbs that are too close to the power lines
– Limbs that are too close to your home or business
– If you notice that there are dead or loose branches hanging
– It has been longer than three years since you last had them pruned
– You would like to improve the shape of your tree so it is more aesthetically pleasing

Best Time of Year to Cut Back Trees

There are several reasons that it is important you having the experts at 207 Tree Service trim and prune your trees between fall and spring each year. First of all, this is when the tree enters the dormant state. When you trim or prune new growth, the growth of the tree will be stunted that year. It is also much easier for us to gain access to all the branches when the canopy is bare. During this inactive time for your tree, we are able to trim and prune it so that you can enjoy a lush, healthy tree in the upcoming growing season.

Best Tree Services in Bangor, Augusta, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth as well as Greater Portland, Maine and surrounding areas

Pruning is essential for healthy trees and for the safety of your home and family. With the right knowledge and equipment, 207 Tree Service will prune your trees as necessary to maintain their beauty and health and also to remove any potential hazardous dead branches that can fall on you while you’re working in the lawn or hurt children playing around the trees. There are different levels of pruning, ranging from lite to fine pruning. We will evaluate and explain to you what steps should be taken to benefit you and your trees. You will be left with both your trees and yourself in the very best health possible. Many home owners try to prune their own trees and often hurt or hospitalize themselves in the process. Please don’t let that happen to you! Be Smart and call the guys trained for it.

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