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Planting a New Tree in Pownal, ME; Hybrid Plum Fruit, Privacy, Small Hedge Maples, Medium or Large Trees & More

It is safe to say that March 2020 did not go the way that anyone had anticipated. No one was expecting a worldwide pandemic to change our daily lives. Everyone has been affected by the coronavirus on some level. Across the country government mandates have required people to stay home so that they can do their part to flatten the curve. As people have spent more time at home there have been some definite perks of being home more than normal. One of these benefits is that people are enjoying more time with their families than normal. Another positive about quarantine is that we have more time to finish those projects around the house that we have been wanting to do. With the weather starting to warm up lots of people are ready to work in their yards. The type of projects that you have will be as unique as you are. Today 207 Tree Service wants to talk about one thing that we bet more than one person on their list of things to do outside – plant some new trees. We are hoping that this information will help you get started on your project.

Flowering, Privacy & Other Types of Trees to Plant in Portland, Maine

Frequently 207 Tree Service is asked what kind of trees do well in Maine. Since our winters in Maine are extremely cold you will need to pick a tree that will be able to survive our harsh winters. We want to highlight a few of the types of trees that you may want to select from for optimal results.
• Fruit trees: You will want to consider when the tree will ripen when you make your selection. Apples and hybrid plums are both excellent choices. Not all types of apples will grow as well as others. Make sure you take that into consideration!
• Small trees: Trees are classified as small trees if they grow to be between 15 and 25 feet tall. They are normally planted along streets under utility lines and where space is restricted. Hedge maples, three-flowered maple, shadbush, hawthorns, and flowering crabapple trees are all excellent choices.
• Trees for lawn area: Next up is trees that are also small trees but are great in your lawn and not lining the street. Paperbark maple, Korean maple, dogwood, white fringe tree, and magnolias are all trees that you will want to consider.
• Medium trees: Medium trees grow between 25 and 45 feet tall. Some fantastic options are river birch, American or European Hornbeam, American Yellowood, and honeylocust.
• Large trees: Last up on our list is large trees that will be 45 feet and taller. Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Oak, Elm, Catalpa, Beech, Ginkgo, and Tuliptree are all trees that you should consider.

Tree Planting, Trimming, Pruning, Removal & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

No matter what type of tree that you decide to plant it is important that you plant it carefully. If you do not take the time to plant your tree carefully and care for it correctly your tree will not survive. 207 Tree Service would love to come out and help you plant your tree. We have years of expertise behind us that be beneficial for the growth of your tree. Contact us today!

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