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Why Trim & Prune Branches from a Large Tree in Gray, ME; Cutting Off Inward Growing, Crossing & Dead Limbs etc

If you have landscaping around your house most people have large impressive focal items that draws the eye. In most yards these are beautiful trees that are taking off now that the spring weather has hit. The spring weather is the time of year that trees and other landscape will take off and start to fill out. This is why the world looks so fresh and new and it also marks the time you need to take your landscape maintenance up a notch. One area of the work that has to be done and for good reason is tree trimming. Tree trimming is an essential part of the tree growth and work that has to be done to care for your tree. They are not able to reach their full potential if they are not trimmed and cared for. You might be wondering what goes into tree trimming and what tree trimmers are actually doing during the process. 207 Tree Service has the answers!

Trim Touching Tree Branches

One of the things that your tree trimming expert is going to do is to look for branches that rub together. When branches rub together they can cause damage to each branch so professional tree trimmers will trim the least favorable branch. This will free up the space for the other branches to grow in. The great thing is that this will give the tree a larger look and feel as well as increase the overall health of the tree.

Cutting Off Dead Branches

As the spring comes into view you will start to see that branches may not look their best. They might be damaged, cracked or broken. This means that they are not going to be able to grow and that they can potentially fall. These can be dangerous if they fall around your house or a person that might be passing by. Removing the damaged branches will allow the rest of the tree to get the nutrients to go to the healthy areas of the tree. The damaged branches will take up some of the water and moisture that the rest of the tree might need.

Prune Branches that Grow Inward

When you are looking for branches that are not going to make the tree look better then finding the ones that grow in are at the top of the list. Limbs should reach from the interior of the tree and spread to the outer most area of the tree. If you have branches that are growing towards the center of the tree it is best to have them removed from the tree. This will give way for other branches that will grow in the correct location.

Trimming Narrow V Shaped Branches

Lastly you want to look for branches that are branching off from one another but the V shape in between the two are very close together. These close branches do not offer the space that is needed for them to reach their potential. It is best to remove one of them so the other can make a full bloom.

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