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How Do Trees Know When to Bloom in Raymond, ME & What Tree Care is Needed? Prune Dead Tree Branches & More

Most people love to see the outdoors and want to see beauty when they go out for a drive or a walk. Trees is one of the things that make the landscape around your home, neighborhood and city beautiful and give it some texture and height. Trees are a plant that most people want to make sure grow and flourish when the time is right. Year after year the trees on your property will grow and hopefully reach maturity to give you the look, shade and beauty that you want out of them. Trees are not a plant that can be planted and then left to their own devices. They need to be cared for and you need to be sure you know what should be happening to them through the year. If your trees are not growing the way that they were intended you need to talk to a professional about what you can do. 207TREEGUY.com outlines what you need to know about your trees blooming.

When Do Trees Bloom in the Spring?

There are many species of trees that exist and can be growing around your home. There are some trees that are common to the area and will grow well in your specific area. With that said just about anywhere you live in the country the same is true about when trees tend to grow and bloom. The spring is the time of the year that you will start to see your trees take off and bloom. The reason behind the growth is a few things but the main factor is the weather. The spring weather brings with it warmer temperatures and the warm air is what is needed to tell the trees to wake up and start to grow. The spring also brings longer days and more hours of sun. These are all things that are needed to start new growth. That is why spring is a big time for your trees to take off and reach their potential for that year.

Trees Budding Too Early?

There are some areas that might see a random few days of warmer air even though the spring season has not started quite yet. The warm days may trick your trees into thinking that it is time to come out of being dormant and start to grow. This is called blooming early and this can be a problem for your trees. The issue is that this can be damaging to your tree and the new growth can re-freeze and this can be a shock to the tree. This shock will cause some trauma when the tree starts to grow again at the real start of spring.

Prune Dead Branches & Other Spring Tree Care

When you start to see that your trees are blooming and it is the start of the spring weather you need to also spring into action. You want to make sure that your tree has the proper amount of water and this is a great time to fertilize the ground around your trees to make sure that the nutrients are rich around the tree. Proper tree pruning protects your trees from unsafe branches. After a tree inspection, 207 Tree Service may recommend cabling and bracing to reduce strain and stress damage from high winds or lightning protection from spring and summer storms.

Tree Inspection, Trimming, Pruning & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

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