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Why is it Important to Remove Tree Stumps in Cape Elizabeth, ME? Stump Grinding or Removal for Safety & More

When you have a tree removed, there are many reasons you don’t want to be left with the stump. Unfortunately, many homeowners are only concerned with removing the tree that may be considered a problem and often mistakenly think leaving the stump is no big deal. 207 Tree Service would like to go into more detail about the problem of leaving a stump and why you should always have your stump removed along with the tree!

Tree Roots Continue to Grow from Stump

There are a number of different reasons why you need to have a tree removed. In some cases the tree’s roots are causing damage to your home or it’s systems. Even though you may have had the tree cut down, the root system will continue to grow. The roots grow from the core of the trunk, so by removing the stump, you remove the root system core. The root stem will dye once the stump is removed. If a tree’s root system is causing problems for your home or plumbing system, cutting down the tree isn’t enough. The stump will also need to be removed to actually kill the tree and stop the roots from growing.

Old Tree Stumps Attract Termites

When you have a weak, dying or dead tree that you need removed and you leave the stump, you may be inviting termites to your yard and into your home. In the State of Maine termites are a most common and especially in Portland. In Portland there are three major types of termites. There are Subterranean, Drywood, and Formosan termites and all of these species will happily infest a dead tree stump. During the spring the new queens will leave the nest and spread. If the tree stump is near your home, the new queen may invade your home next. It is important to avoid a termite infestation, and one of the best ways is to prevent having nesting sites such as a tree stump in your yard or near your home.

Trip & Fall Hazard from Tree Stump

A tree stump can pose a hazard. Tree stumps can cause tripping and falling where someone can get seriously injured. Tree stumps can also catch fire, especially as they dry out. Decaying stumps and tree roots can spawn mushrooms and other fungi. Where the fungi or mushrooms may not be hazardous to people, they can pose a problem to surrounding grass and other plants. A stump can pose a hazard to you, your home, and your landscaping. For that reason you should have the tree stump removed.

Better Curbside Appeal

Tree stumps never look great and often a tree stump will make a home and yard look poorly maintained. A small and simple thing, such as a tree stump, can have a major effect on your yard and home’s aesthetics. By having the stump removed you ensure a clean and tidy yard that ensures great curbside appeal.

Tree Stump Grinding, Removal & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Freeport, Gardiner, Biddeford & Greater Portland, Maine

If you need a tree or large limbs removed and/or the stump and roots ground down or removed, contact 207 Tree Service and schedule our services today.

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