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How Do You Know if a Tree Needs to Be Trimmed in Portland, ME? Deadwood, Damaged Branches & More

Maintenance, aesthetics, and health are the most common reasons why you need tree trimming. We at 207 Tree Service would like to share a few of the common red flags that indicate you need your trees trimmed sooner than later today.

Tree Deadwood

Excessive deadwood is usually an indicator that a tree is near death. Another hazardous condition that should have immediate attention is the presence of broken branches and large sections of deadwood. The whole tree will have to be removed if the critical tree trimming cannot prevent the decay from spreading to the majority of the tree

Damaged Tree Branches

Seeing any broken or limp tree branch that exposes the inside of your tree is a sure sign that damage has occurred. When it is not taken care of, the damage is commonly caused by extreme wind or heavy snow can be very hazardous. If any trees require any immediate trimming, ensure to always inspect your trees following a storm.

Dense Tree Branch

Having the tree thinned out is required when tree branches are excessively thick and dense enough that you can’t see through them. Additionally, the branches are more likely to get tangled in the intense wind as the density can be a hazard during heavy winds and cause damage.

Crossing Tree Branches

Damage is left behind when the bark rubs against the crossing branches. Since branches are susceptible to pests and diseases as well as leads to decay, it eventually spread to the rest of the tree when the interior of the branch is exposed.

Deep Tree Trunk Cracks or Splits

When you discover two or more cracks in the tree’s bark or especially deep cracks, suggesting a severe problem with the tree and ignoring the problem will only deteriorate the tree. To save the tree, the tree with cracked branching needs to be trimmed.

It is Not OK for Tree Branches to Touch Roof

If they have grown over the roof can potentially lead to costly damage, any branches that have become tangled within themselves or around power poles or other structures.

Tree Cankers

When the bark that has sunken in or there are completely missing chunks of bark is what a tree canker is. To protect the trees, trim away the limbs where the tree cankers are manifesting.

Trees that Grow Too Close Together

Upward is the naturally direction of growth. The trees planted in open spaces can give the trees the opportunity to grow outward as opposed to upward when there are few trees to compete with. When the branches become heavy and more likely to collapse under their own, trees can be a hazard unfortunately.

Twisted & Crooked Trees

For their structure or with the tree branch, trees won’t grow in optimal patterns suited in some cases. When trees have misshapen limbs that prevents the tree from having their weight evenly distributed, breakage and property damage can manifest.

Tree Trimming, Pruning & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Freeport, Gardiner, Biddeford & Greater Portland, Maine

It is essential to allow professionals to trim your trees and ensure the safety of you to prevent damage to your home and property as well as make certain the trees are properly trimmed. To keep your trees healthy and gorgeous and for proper trimming techniques and correct applications, call 207 Tree Service and let us assist you.

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