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When Should Trees Be Removed in Newcastle, ME? Identification of Tree Damage, Diseases Pest Infestation & More

No homeowner wants to give up on their trees in their yard. Removing dying or healthy trees can pose a major challenge for some. Trees in the yard provide needed shade, makes for a natural playground, and improves the property’s aesthetics. However, there comes a time when one or more of your trees demand removal as they can pose a threat to the home and other surrounding trees. 207 Tree Service will share some common warning signs that a tree needs to be removed.

Visible Tree Damage

When a living or dead tree has visible damage to its primary trunk, especially those lower to the ground, this is a clear sign the tree is a hazard. Trees that have a large crack or split running through the trunk is a major hazard as they can break and fall down during the next major storm. As we are on the east coast, trees throughout Maine get hit with severe storms. If the tree has visible damage it will eventually break and fall down. To ensure the safety of the home and household, it is in the best interest to have the tree removed. Before committing to have the tree removed, you can also have a professional tree trimmer inspect the tree and see if it is a danger.

Trees with Diseases

A diseased tree is also another sign that the tree should be removed. Trees with signs of disease are very weak and can uproot and fall at any time. Disease can occur on the outside of the tree or in their root systems. Diseased trees will often have some signs of distress such as dying leaves that turn brown or yellow. The branches will suddenly dry out and die. Fungus can also begin to grow from the root or tree trunks. When a tree is diseased, it is a major risk and can fall down. Diseases can also spread to neighboring trees. If a tree is diseased, it is important to have it removed quickly to prevent the spread.

Identification of Tree Pest Infestation

Pest invasion is another serious problem. There are a lot of pests that will attack trees and weaken them. There are a number of beetles that will bore into the tree and weaken it from the inside out. Some pests are drawn to weak and dying trees such as termites and carpenter ants. If your tree is dying then this is another reason it can become a major magnet for pests. To prevent termites or carpenter ants from invading your yard and potentially your home, have the tree removed.

Tree Damaging My Property

Another common problem that leads to tree removal is when a tree is planted too close to a home or its roots are causing plumbing problems. A tree can have a major effect on a home. The roots can grow into the home’s foundation or even into a basement. Trees can also damage the home’s roof. Tree roots are a common culprit to sewer clogs and back up problems that occur. If a tree is posing a problem to your home directly, the tree must be removed.

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