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Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary to Stop Roots Growing Back, Attracting Termites & Other Damage in Damariscotta, ME?

Many people will cut down their own trees, leaving behind a tree stump in their yard. For many homeowner, they will leave the stump in the ground as they don’t have the means to properly remove it. Even though the stump sitting in the yard may not bother some of you out there, there are many reason why it should be removed. Stumps can pose a number of risks and should be removed sooner rather than later. 207 Tree Service will share why it is important to have stumps removed.

Stump Removal to Stop Further Damage & Stop from Growing Back

One of the most common reasons why stumps are removed is for aesthetics purposes. Most homeowners will seek professional stump removal service to simply make their yard look better. However, there are other lurking problems with tree stumps. If a tree was removed because it was too close to the home, and could cause damage to the roof, often the tree is removed. However, if the tree was alive when it was cut down then the root and the stump is also still alive. The tree stump can grow back, and the roots can continue to grow. The root can grow into the home’s foundation or even cause plumbing damages. When stumps are removed, it kills roots.

Do Tree Stumps Attract Termites & Pests?

Another major consideration is pests. Tree stumps are a magnet for many types of pests. Some of the worst pests that tree stumps invite are termites and carpenter ants. Both termites and carpenter ants love tree stumps and will nest in them. The main risk of the termite or carpenter ant colony in your tree stump is that they spread. During the spring season, both swarmer termites and carpenter ants will leave their home nest and find their own nesting sites. This is where home infestations start. To prevent future termite or carpenter ant colonies in your yard and in your home make sure to remove the stump.

Tree Stumps are Tripping Hazards

Tree stumps can also pose a tripping hazard. In areas where kids like to play, at times they can trip and hurt themselves on the tree stumps. Not only are children victims to tree stump, so are adults. To ensure a safer environment it is recommended having the tree stumps removed.

Tree Planting, Trimming, Removal & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

Stump removal is a lot more involved removing a tree, which is why it’s not usually included in the cost of tree removal. Stump removal isn’t easy, but it is certainly doable. Often both the tree stumps and the primary root system can be removed. A professional service comes equipped with a stump grinder which easily grinds down tree stumps and can cut it down to its roots. If you have tree stumps in your yard that you need help removing or other tree services, contact 207 Tree Service and schedule our services today.

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