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Why Trees Need Trimming of Broken Tree Branches to Grow Strong & Healthy in Gorham, ME

Trees, like all of the bushes, shrubs and plants in our gardens and yards require maintenance throughout the duration of their life. If trees are neglected and don’t receive the proper care, they can lack sufficient nutrients and suffer from illnesses and disease, resulting in a safety hazard or property damage. Trimming your trees is an essential part of that needed maintenance. We at 207 Tree Service, we would like to list the various benefits of tree trimming services for your trees such as improving the aesthetics, overall health and strength of your trees.

Improve Tree Health

By removing limbs or branches that are showing signs of disease can increase the tree’s chances of survival by allowing the nutrients to filter to the healthier areas. In the event that a branch has dies off, the deceased limb will continue to draw in the valuable nutrients and water in an effort to replenish it. Removing the dying, dead or diseased branches will prevent the rest of the healthy tree from losing out on the much needed moisture and nutrients, preventing additional branches to die off.

Increase Tree Strength Properties

Trees that become top heavy or have dead branches lose structural integrity from the overwhelming burden. During a storm it can easily be knocked over and pulled from roots or broken off at the roots. Removing the branches to create balance, or if the limbs are sickly or dead can greatly improve the trees strength, which will contribute to adequate strength to withstand a storm or protect itself from disease and pests.

Pre Storm Tree Inspection & Trimming of Broken Branches

When a heavy storm with high winds and rain is in the forecast, it’s a great idea to have a pre storm tree inspection. Vulnerable branches can be trimmed before they can be a hazard. If this foresight is not implemented, branches hit by lightening or torn asunder from violent winds can occur. If it does, getting them trimmed as soon as possible is vital for the overall health and durability of your tree. Removing the weakened branches as soon as possible can also help your tree avoid serious injuries and costly property damages. Trees that have become too dense should be treated with a brush thinning tree trimming services. It will reduce the heavy top and dense branches to give your trees more balance.

Tree Pruning Improves View & Aesthetics

Pruning trees that have dead or dying branches in need of removal is commonly known as deadwooding. Removing the dead or dying branches not only increases the strength of the healthy branches, but it also allows them to shine and be the focus again; your trees natural beauty and view is enhanced.

Crown Lift & Directional Pruning Tree Trimming Techniques

Another frequently used technique for pruning is crown canopy lifting; a method to increase the appearance of your trees by strategically removing lower branches, which allows more sunlight exposure for the tree. This method requires additional maintenance and care because the trees are temporarily weakened. Lower branches can impact the health of the trunk and if left neglected after removal it can succumb to decay and disease. Lastly, directional pruning is designed to give the tree structural balance while maintaining a favorable shape.

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If your trees are due for a professional tree trimming, contact 207 Tree Service and our experts will trim your trees accordingly to provide superior results.

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