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Why are Healthy Tree Roots Important in Portland, ME? Strengthen Trees to Avoid Removal After Storms & More

Branches, ABOUT US trunks, leaves, and roots are the basic parts of trees. All the of the parts of the tree work much like the parts of the human body do to keep the tree alive. To survive, air, sunlight, and water are among the fundamental elements trees need. Within the good soil, the tree is allowed to get the nutrients it needs. 207 Tree Service offers residential and commercial tree trimming, tree removal, and tree cutting services, as a quality tree service provider to the locals of Maine. By removing the dead branches, especially those by power lines, and even removing the whole tree when needed, our professionals help your trees stay strong and healthy. 207 Tree Service has got all of your tree needs well-managed from stump removal to 24-hour storm damage cleanup services. Below we list some recommendations to help keep your tree’s roots healthy.

Why are Healthy Tree Roots Important?

Anchoring the tree to the ground, the roots of a tree play an important role. Being necessary for the tree’s survival, tree roots also absorb vital nutrients and water from the soil. Though they are often shallow, staying just six to 12 inches below the ground, they usually extend far beyond the tree’s canopy. The trees would easily blow over without a sturdy root system.

How to Care for Tree Roots

Consider applying the following recommendations to improve the health of your trees.
1) Efficient organic mulch. Mulch, an organic material used around a tree base to provide extra moisture and nutrients for your tree and offer the tree roots protection. In the winter the mulch will help encourage growth and for needed protection against the cold in the spring.
2) Scheduled tree watering. Especially if you are in a drought and no matter how old your tree maybe it is important to water the trees on a routine basis. Water is critical to promote the tree’s growth and preserve the tree’s health. For the watering schedule, it is critical to consider the type of tree, time of year, and the age.
3) Tree roots need to breathe. In order to survive, tree roots require oxygen. You need to let the soil dry out underneath your tree to permit the oxygen to reach your tree’s roots. Avoid over watering so that the roots can dry out. Prevent compacting soil and mulching too tightly around your tree’s base, as well. The roots around the surface of the ground are inadvertently suffocated should it is too tightly and compacted.

Tree Roots Should Never Be Cut

Especially if it’s a big or main root needs to be avoided, left vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, and insects attacks, cutting the tree’s roots. The tree may not grow for a few years until it heals its root due to the stress of them being cut. Leading the tree’s death trees can also become very hazardous of the root system is severed.

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