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When Should a Tree Be Cut Down in Portland, ME? Too Close to House, Hollow, Storm Damaged Trees & More

If you think about the trees on your property, you are probably thinking about the shade the are providing, or the beauty that they bring to your property as well. Most people don’t think about the dangers that tree can pose to their property. Even though your trees are beautiful, there are circumstances that leave a tree in a position that is needs to be cut down. 207 Tree Services is here to talk about some of the signs that point to tree removal, so you know when the right time to cut down your tree is.

Tree is Too Close to House or Other Structure

You want to make sure your trees aren’t too close to any structures on your property, especially your house. The roots can cause lots of problems for your foundation and can also cause other problems mold and mildew growth when branches are touching your home. If the tree is too close, it may be time to remove the tree to offer your home protection.

Signs of Unhealthy Tree or Disease

A tree that is showing signs of disease shouldn’t be left alone. Anytime a tree is infected with a disease, that tree is weakened. If you don’t catch a disease early enough, you may have to remove the tree for safety reasons. Catching disease early can mean that you only have to remove portions of the tree with pruning rather than removing the entire tree all together.

Hollow Trees are Not Healthy

You shouldn’t be able to see any cavities or hollowness when you inspect your tree. If you do, this is a big sign that the tree isn’t safe, and it needs to be removed. A hollow tree trunk can’t support the weight of the limbs and runs the risk of coming down whether you want it to or not. Removing the tree is going to be the safest option at this point.

Large Portions of Tree Trunk or Branches Look Damaged

If there are large branches on the tree that are damaged or showing signs that they are going to fall off the tree, you may need to bring the entire tree down. This means that the tree is in trouble. There may be large portions of the tree that are dead as well. This means that the tree is no longer healthy and needs to be brought down.

Your Tree Was Damaged in a Wind or Rain Storm

It isn’t uncommon for trees to sustain damage when a large storm hits. If this happens, you need to remove the tree before it falls on your home or any other structure. A tree that has been damaged by a storm isn’t safe to have on your property.

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If you have a tree that needs to come down, you can call on 207 Tree Service. We will remove your tree safely so that your home and everyone living there is safe. Call us today!

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