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When a Tree Should Be Removed in Biddeford, ME; Dying Trees, Root Problems & More

Every homeowner wants to make sure that the landscape around your house makes sense and is pleasing to the eye. It has a lot to do with the value and overall curb appeal of your property. You want to be sure you know what it takes to care for the landscape and that includes the mature trees that are on your property as well. The trees are a huge part of what draws the eye and creates shade and shape to the yard. There are some instances that require the trees to be removed from your property. You want to try and avoid taking a tree out that is healthy and has room to grow so it is best to be sure that you know when it is necessary. TREEGUY.com lists common reasons people need tree removal services.

Storm Damaged Trees

One of the reasons that a property owner may need to have a tree removed is when a bad storm comes through. When there is a storm that comes through that has high winds and heavy rain it can cause damage. The trees should be able to stand up to the weather but there are times that the storm will take a tree down. The tree can be partially damaged or it can be all the way down. If you have a tree that has been damaged after a storm you want to make sure that the tree is removed. A tree that has been downed can continue to be a hazard to you and your property. The tree will need to be taken out of the ground that includes the stump and disposed of.

Sick, Diseased & Dead Trees

Another problem that people have with their trees is that they can be diseased. If you have a tree that has a disease from the elements outdoors or some sort of pest you want to make sure that you first try and treat it. If you are unable to care for the tree you will need to have it taken out and removed. The tree can spread the disease to other trees and plants so it is best to remove it. A diseased tree should be taken out and all the debris removed from your property.

Tree Root Problems

The top of the tree that you see and love and enjoy is only part of the tree. You of course have the roots as well and they are a huge part of the health of the tree. The roots need to be able to get in the soil and keep a solid grip. They also need to make sure they are deep and not running along the top of the soil. If you have a tree that has roots that are damaged or they are not staying deep in the ground you may need to have the tree removed from the property.

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