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Valid Reasons to Remove a Tree in Rockland, ME; Storm Damaged, Diseased, Infested, Hazardous Trees & More

The decision to cut down a tree should never be taken lightly. After all trees are often the focal point of your property, providing shade when you need it and adding curb appeal. But there are some very good reasons why removing a tree from your property is sometimes the best option and the experts at 207 Tree Service have provided the following information regarding why and when it is necessary to remove a tree from your property. Some of the more obvious reasons to remove trees from your property include: dead or decaying trees, major storm damage, leaning trees, and trees whose roots pose a threat to driveways, foundations, sidewalks, and underground utilities. Other reasons to remove trees from your property include those below.

Landscaping Problem

Once of the most common landscaping issues is poor placement of trees. As trees grow they can begin to affect the way the grass grows which can cause drainage issues in the rainy season resulting in a muddy mess. If you have pets and children you have first-hand knowledge of the number of times you are left to clean your floors and carpets.

Tree Structure Problems

Many homeowners make the mistake of planting trees in the wrong location before they begin to mature. According to research, one of the most common mishaps is planting your saplings a little too close to your property. Eventually, the quaint little tree you planted 15 years ago will become massive in size overpowering your home and your tree is only destined to get even bigger. During the autumn months, your gutters will struggle to keep up with the rainfall and the number of leaves and twigs. Other issues include your trees infringing on power lines which can cause major issues during storms.

Storm Damaged Trees

Storms, strong winds, and ice can damage trees on your property potentially causing them to split. Damaged trees not only look unsightly, they can also be dangerous putting your property and its occupants in danger. If tree trimming is not an option, the tree should be removed immediately.

Tree Disease & Insect Infestation

There are a number of insects and diseases that can damage your trees beyond repair and even kill them. Diseased trees are not only unsightly, they can also be dangerous. Your 207 Tree Service experienced professional can diagnose and positively identify diseased and insect infested trees and remove the tree if it is unable to be saved.

Tree Hazards

As trees planted close to the side of the road grow and mature they can impair a person’s ability to see traffic on the roadway and potentially block traffic signs creating potential safety issues. Trees planted too close to your home can block your view from windows and restrict access to doors. In many cases, tree removal is the only option to keep you and other members of your community safe.

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