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Summer Tree Care Tips in Nobleboro, ME; Mulching, Irrigation, Root Fertilizer, Pruning Damaged Branches & More

Throughout the year, trees require different types of care to help ensure their health and longevity. Homeowners put forth a lot of work caring for their trees. During each season tree needs will change. However most people often neglect these needs, especially during the summer. Most people will only maintain their trees in the spring and do very little maintenance throughout the rest of the year. 207 Tree Service will share how to care for your trees during the summer season.

How Wide Should Mulch Be Around Trees?

Putting mulch around your tree is essential. Mulch helps to keep more moisture in the soil, prevent weeds from growing around the tree, and provide needed nutrients slowly over time. Most people will put mulch around their trees in the spring and then leave it alone. However, if you haven’t put mulch around your trees, it is not too late. During the summer mulch is needed to help the tree retain the moisture longer. As mulch begins to thin, make sure to add more and keep the tree at 3 to 4 inches of mulch. Mulch can also help prevent disease and promote a healthier tree.

Summer Tree Watering System

During the summer, trees need more water especially younger trees. During the summer make sure to adjust your irrigation time to make sure the tree is getting enough water. To promote a deep root system you will need to provide plenty of water to encourage the tree roots to go deeper. Depending on your tree, it may need a deeper soak once a day or lighter soak a couple of times a day.

Root Fertilizer for Trees

Most people are really good about fertilizing their tree in the spring season. However, trees require a lot of nutrition to grow healthy. Trees also require summer fertilization. During the summer trees undergo more stress due to the heat. Therefore, weaker trees will fail. To help reduce stress, provide your tree with the nutrition it needs during the summer.

Cutting Damaged Branches Off Tree

As many people well know, pruning trees should be done when trees are dormant and for most species, this is during the winter. However, there are times when pruning is necessary during the summer. If a branch or limb is showing signs of disease, has died, or is infested with pests, remove it quickly. Trees put a lot of energy in recovering damaged or infested branches. Make sure to prune the branch off before it stresses the tree out. Don’t over prune as that can also shock and harm the tree.

Protect Trees from Insects

During the summer many trees have damaging pests at their highest level. Insects love the heat and they love trees, especially those that are weaker. During the summer look for pests infesting your trees. There are steps you can take to remove the pests and protect the tree. Note which pests are attacking your tree and seek out the best solution for the problem.

Tree Trimming, Pruning, Removal & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

During the summer season help protect and provide the care your trees need this summer. For all around tree care, pruning and much more, contact 207 Tree Service and schedule our services today.

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