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Storm Damage Tree Cleanup & Emergency Removal of Trees & Broken Limbs in Portland, ME

Just recently the Portland and Maine areas became the victim of a nor’easter that left terrible damage and flooding in its wake. During these intense wind and rainstorms, many trees lost branches. Some were even uprooted and then came crushing down. Having a storm tree service is the best help one can have when it comes to reclaiming home and property by removing trees and cleaning up yard debris. TREEGUY.com will share how tree services are responding after a storm to help make both commercial and residential properties safer.

Emergency Removal of Fallen Trees

After intense windstorms, combined with flooding, the soil gets loose and trees can easily uproot. Some trees may completely fall over while others may be leaning precariously on its side, threatening to come tumbling down any moment. Trees can cause house damage and even pose a serious hazard. When a tree poses a hazard, threatens the home, or is in the street, often emergency tree removal is needed. Tree services can come and remove trees and their stumps that have been uprooted or leaning. First the tree service will need to determine the safest way to remove the tree.

Tree Leaning from Wind

A leaning tree can be tricky to remove. Leaning trees can come crashing down at any moment which can lead to a number of damages or injuries. While the tree services is at work, it is important for the home or property owner to secure the area. Have your vehicles moved and if a leaning tree is threatening to come down on a home or building, have the structure evacuated to ensure safety. Keep pets and young children away from the site.

Tree Evaluation Before a Storm

However, a homeowner, property owner or manager doesn’t have to wait for a storm to hit to have a tree removed. Another need for an emergency tree removal can occur before a major storm hits. If a tree appears weak due to drought or disease, contact a tree service for emergency tree removal to prevent serious damages before the storm hits.

Storm Damage Tree Clean Up

If a tree doesn’t require emergency removal, often a storm still leaves behind a series of broken branches and tree limbs that are dangling from the tree. In some cases, a tree or trees didn’t come completely down, but are broken and barely hanging on. Sometimes storms can leave a major mess but not all are considered an emergency. Storm cleanup is often needed to removal fallen trees and their stumps. Other times broken branches that are hanging towards the ground needs to be cut. Proper pruning can help promote healthy tree growth.

Pre-Storm Safety Tree Inspection & Trimming

With modern advances, we are better at predicting storms. When a storm is going to hit, you can also seek pre-storm safety tree inspections because even a healthy tree can be a threat. When trees are full and have dense leaves, they can uproot easier than those with thinner branches and leaves. This is because the dense leaves act as a sail and the wind can’t pass through the tree. Instead, it pushes it over. A healthy tree can have light pruning or thinning to allow the wind to flow through the branches. Again, disease or weak trees or selected branches can be removed before the next windstorm hits.

Tree Inspections, Trimming, Pruning, Removal & Clean Up & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

Where many people may be seeking tree removal services at this time, scheduling may be difficult. However, TREEGUY.com will be happy to help you remove dangerous trees and clean up after this past nor’easter storm. Contact TREEGUY.com today.

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