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Signs Trees Will Fall Down After Heavy Rain or Wind Storms in Cumberland, ME; Leaning Tree & More

Trees in the yard or near the home help provide much needed shade during the summer season. Trees can help reduce heat within the home during the summer and even help keep the air conditioner unit cooler which improves the homeowners utility bills. There are many benefits for having trees in your yard. However, trees can also pose a risk to homes at the same time. When trees develop root rot, withstand drought conditions or become a victim to pest or disease, they can unexpectedly up root and/or fall. Depending on the tree’s location the home could be severely damaged and lives threaten. TREEGUY.com would like to help prevent this disaster, and share a few warning signs that your tree could up root.

Loose Soil is a Sign of Tree Uprooting

When tree root systems are becoming weak or the tree is top heavy, the roots will show signs of up rooting. One early warning sign that a tree is beginning to uproot is when the soil is loose or cracked at the tree base. There are a number of elements that attack the tree at the root if the roots are compromised and the tree is considered to be top heavy it will up root and come down. A similar sign is when water is found around the base of the tree. If the tree is moving side to side during windy days the water in the ground can be pushed upward and is a bad sign the tree is at risk of up rooting.

Tree Leaning After Storm

Another classic sign a tree is beginning to up root or fall is when it begin to lean to one side. Trees can lean for a few different reasons but one is due to a weakened tree. Wind can push a tree to one side causing the tree to lean. Other time’s the tree may have more branches or foliage on one side then the other weighting down the tree. If the tree is unhealthy it can lean and eventually fall over.

Fungus Growing at Base of Tree

Another sign you tree is at risk is when fungus or mushrooms grow around the base of the tree. Tree roots can also develop visible mushroom or fungus. The presence of mushroom and fungus reveal the tree’s health is compromised. The home owner can help the tree with proper fertilizers, however, if the tree begins to have premature leaf loss or the trunk becomes brittle it is safer to have the tree removed.

Tree Diseases or Pest Infestation

Trees can up root when a disease or pest infects the tree. Signs of pests include browning or yellowing leaves, holes in the branches or trunk, or chewed on leaves. Disease can come in many forms such as discolored leaves and some develop a black sand like texture that can be found on the trunk. If the tree shows signs of pest or disease either quickly treat the tree if possible or remove the tree before it up roots.

Emergency Tree Removal & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

A tree when it falls down can cut a home in two and be very dangerous for the household. If you have a tree showing sign of up rooting or falling, contact TREEGUY.com for emergency tree removal or inspection. Contact TREEGUY.com and schedule our services today.

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