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Signs a Tree is Stressed or Damaged After a Severe Storm in Brunswick, ME; Broken Branches, Wilting Leaves & More

Doing everything possible to maintain your tree includes watering, fertilizing and even pruning when needed. Unfortunately, much like any living organism, tress can be afflicted with illness, disease, and insect infestations. Healthy trees should be inspected continually for signs of any concerns. Today, we at 207 Tree Service would like to discuss the healthy tree notes.

Central Leader Tree

The majority of trees are usually pruned and shaped to have one central leader. In addition to adding stability and strength to the structure, one leader ensures a straight appearance. One leader is present in some trees and other several trunks. The tree can potentially split in trees with more than one leader unfortunately.

Tree Growth Rate

New annual growth should be visible on the branches and trunk. Checking the distance between this year’s buds and last year’s is evident by scars on the branch. Make certain to do your own research on the species in your landscape since no two species grow at the same rate.

Healthy Tree Branches

You are able identify any significantly dead, damaged, and/or diseased branches with a close inspection. You need to consult a professional for tree trimming should any concerns be present. Potentially damaging insects and diseases can be attracted by dead or broken branches. Where healthy branches usually bend, dead branches will easily snap.

Healthy Tree Trunk

A healthy trunk is vital to the overall health of a tree. It is not good to discover bark is loose or peeling. It is ideal to find fungi growing on the trunk either. In the event you notice large cracks or holes in your tree’s trunk, call an experienced tree service as soon as possible.

Are Bare Tree Patches a Concern?

Bare patches on trees can indicate several problems as follows.
– Previously applied pesticide damage.
– Animals chewing on the bark or leaves.
– The branches in the area not getting water and nutrients.
– Insects and/or diseases infestations.
– Improper pruning.

What if Leaves are Wilting on My Tree?

Wilting is also a sign of an unhealthy tree. When stressed, leaves and stems generally lose their rigidness and begin to droop. Commonly, a wilting tree stems back to a lack of water, over-watering, too much or too little sun, or diseases.

Strong Leaf Shape, Size & Color

The health of the leaves is a strong indicator of the overall health of the tree. Leaves will change colors and fall from most tree species naturally in the fall. For the current season make certain your tree’s leaves are the right color. Nutrient deficiencies, watering problems, insect damage, pesticide damage, and diseases can be suggested through improper leaf color, shape, and size

No Signs of Insects or Diseases on Trees

Your tree may be impacted by diseases or insects if you notice any of the following lack of fruit or flowers, insects, or oozing sap.

Pre Storm Tree Inspection, Debris Clean Up, Emergency Hazardous & Difficult Limb & Tree Removal & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Freeport, Gardiner, Biddeford & Greater Portland, Maine

If your trees are anything but healthy, they can a risk to your home or business. With our tree services, you can count on quality workmanship from the qualified professionals of 207 Tree Service.

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