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Should a Leaning Tree Be Removed in Harpswell, ME? Inspection, Risk Assessment & Emergency Removal of Trees

Trees are remarkable and offer property owners a number of benefits that include adding aesthetics to the landscaping, generating fresh oxygen, increasing property value, improving structure’s energy efficiency, as well as providing shadows and potential food sources as well as entertainment and leisure. With well-maintained trees, you can take advantage of the trees without concerning the hazards. There are several reasons as to why you may need to remove a tree, but the prime reason is when they become a hazard. With this in mind, we at TREEGUY.com would like to discuss signs trees are in need of removal.

Tree Inspection & Risk Inspection

1) Age Calculator & Height Assessment. Trees can be affected by stressful circumstances similar to people and animals. Resulting in hazardous conditions from stressed-out trees, they eventually weaken and decay at an accelerating rate.
2) Condition of Trees. Visual symptoms frequently manifest when a tree’s health is poor. When you evaluate the health and condition of your trees, inspect for any dead twigs, dead branches, and small or off-colored leaves. Lush, green leaves and strong sturdy branches indicate a healthy tree, unless they lie dormant in the winter.
3) Tree Species Identification. Should you not know which species of trees in your landscaping, take the time to identify the various species. Various species attract different pests or can be susceptible to specific illnesses. Know the climate they need, how to protect during the seasons as well as different treatments like feeding, watering, and mulching are necessary.

Unhealthy Tree Bark, Rotting at Base & Other Signs of Tree Problems

Tree Canker. Cankers are the indents or complete voids in the bark. Cankers result of an illness or injury and are relatively common. Cankers are a hazard and if you notice them, seek expert advice.
Tree Trunk Cracks. A deep split through the bark is a crack. These cracks frequently manifest when a tree is dying. Removing a tree is vital before serious catastrophes. If caught before it extends through the bark the tree can be usually be spared a simple minor crack is nothing to freight about. A more serious problem is the presence of a crack extending through the stem. The tree is likely to have health problems and is better off removed should a tree commonly develops cracks.
Deadwood. Any trees that exhibit wood that looks dead on the branches, trunk, or the stems. The look and feel of dry, brittle, and unbendable is deadwood.
Tree Decay. Trees typically decay internally and spread outwardly. While displaying signs of decay, trees are susceptible to falling over. Wood that feels soft and crumbly and trees with holes are likely decaying. Also apparent on decaying trees is the mushrooms and other fungal activity.
Tree Root Problems. Trees with a root problem are not anchored to the ground securely are extremely hazardous. Often resulting in injury or property damage poor roots can make the tree fall down easily or blow ever. Posing a danger are the roots exposed above ground looking dead, severed, or unhealthy.
Tree Posture. The poor posture suggests an issue that the condition of the tree is not healthy.
Weak Branch Unions. When branches are trying to grow too close together, making them weak which leaves or both branches growing insufficiently due to lack of nutrients. The tree may be past after prolonged weakness, and early detection can save the tree.

Emergency Tree Removal & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

It’s always best to get a professional inspection and opinion. For example, as to the question “Should a leaning tree be removed?”, the answer is it depends. Generally, trees that have grown with a lean are usually pretty safe but if the lean has developed seemingly overnight or you aren’t sure how long the tree has been leaning, it can be quite the cause for concern. A professional tree service company knows just what to look for such as visibly damaged or decaying tree roots. No matter the circumstances, when you need a tree removed, you need it done safely and efficiently. TREEGUY.com is the leading expert in Greater Portland, Maine area and are happy to oblige in tree removal and other related services. Contact us today!

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