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Preventing Tree Storm Damage in North Yarmouth, ME; Inspection of Trees, Trimming, Pruning & More

Throughout the year the weather has different patterns that affect us in a large variety of ways. Right now we are in the thick of the cold winter months. Cold weather affects us here in Maine differently than it affects people that live in other parts of the country. One way that it affects us is through the winter snowstorms that we have. If you have trees on your property there are some things that TREEGUY.com recommends that you do to help them survive the winter storms still heading our way.

Tree Inspection & Risk Assessment

One of the most important parts of ensuring that your trees weather the winter storms is to keep them healthy all year long. If you wait until the cold weather hits to worry about your trees for the first time your trees are not as likely to survive. You should take time throughout the year to inspect your trees. You will want to look for peeling bark, chips or cracks in the trunk, heaving soil at the base of the tree, dead branches, and leafless twigs. These are all signs of a weakened tree. Weakened trees are more likely to experience damage during winter storms.

Trim & Prune Trees

Another tip is to keep your trees pruned. Ideally you should have had your trees pruned on a regular basis from the time they are young. If the trees on your property have not been pruned regularly,it is never too late to start. When your trees are pruned, weak and dying branches are removed. Pruning services also help improve the structure, shape, and growth of your trees. TREEGUY.com offers pruning services that can help you with this tip.

Planting Zones

Third on our list is to plant the best types of tree for your area. Some species of trees simply do better in certain climates than other species. If you are not sure what type of trees work best here in Greater Portland, Maine, TREEGUY.com can help you. We would love to give you some input on tree species.

Mulch Tree Ring

Most people know that it is important for the roots of your tree to be healthy. The roots of your tree are the anchor of your tree. If the roots are not healthy there is simply no way that your tree will be able to survive long term. One simple way that you can keep the roots of your tree healthy is to mulch your tree. Mulching your tree will keep the roots of your tree properly moisturized and nourished. When you combine mulching with water and fertilization you are giving your tree the best chance of survival.

Pre-Storm Inspections, Storm Damage Tree Debris Cleanup, Emergency Tree Removal & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

Sometimes it is simply inevitable that trees get damaged in a storm. TREEGUY.com offers storm damage clean up service should you find yourself in need. We can come out to your property to inspect the damage and discuss a plan with you before we move forward with any work. And when you know a severe storm is coming your way, we can perform a pre-storm inspection to help prepare your trees. Give us a call today.

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