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Preparing Trees for Spring in New Gloucester, ME; Tree Trimming, Pruning, Wraps, Dormant Oil Spray & More

For many plants, spring is one of the most important seasons. Trees and vegetation in your landscape will require a few maintenance projects to maximize their health, growing potential, and durability after being dormant during the winter cold months. To help them survive extreme weather, insects, and diseases by caring for your trees you can keep them healthier longer. Considering this, we at 207 Tree Service would like to discuss a few tips to prepare the trees for spring.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Where the beneficial gain of the trimming is exceptional, most trees need a good pruning and trimming just at the beginning of spring. In late summer or fall, there are some species of trees that require pruning, however. Ask for professional assistance should you be uncertain. Just before the trees begin to bud, trimming the limbs that have didn’t survive the winter is priority; late winter or early spring are ideal. To ensure that the rest of tree is getting the much-needed nutrients to stimulate growth and strength before all the nutrients are wasted on a limb that is unsalvageable. Giving them their shape and balance follows after all the essential tree’s limbs have been trimmed.

Dormant Oil Spray for Trees

Prior to the trees begin to bud, apply the dormant oil to your trees once the temperatures have consistently stayed above freezing for at least 4 weeks. Being timing critical, the dormant oil will kill the harmful insect and mites that might be infesting your trees. It can be extremely harmful for the trees if the oil is applied too early or too late. To kill harmful insects or mites, apply the dormant oil.

Tree Wraps & Supports

In order to help them endure the cold months and extreme weather, the younglings that were wrapped or encased with additional support systems needs to be stripped down at this time. With health being reduced, trees that are left wrapped for too long can have their growth hindered. Much of the condensation from any snow, rain, and ice is absorbed in the wraps during the winter. Where it is not the perfect harbors of mold and arboreal disease as well as contributing to root rot, the wraps are now housing too much moisture.

Tree Mulch & Fertilizer

Apply your first layer of mulch and fertilizer just as spring begins its season. The mulch is a perfect resource for your root system’s health and strength, mulch is often a step maybe tree enthusiasts forget. Before applying the mulch and fertilizer, a common mistake is that people will lay plastic sheeting as the plastic will suffocate your tree’s roots, which will ultimately kill your trees.

Spring Tree Transplanting & Planting

Spring is the best time of year to plant the younglings if you are eager to add trees to your grounds. Giving them the opportunity to acclimate to their new environment and soil conditions, most species are only beginning to arouse and are mostly dormant. Providing a perfectly moisturized location and the soil will be easily loosened from the melted ice and snow. When plotting them into the ground, ensure to include composed and fertilizer in the loosely compacted soil.

Tree Trimming, Pruning & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

Call 207 Tree Service and let our experts perform trimming, pruning, or removal services to get your landscape ready for spring and summer if you need help pruning and trimming your trees, or have a few that didn’t survive the winter. Contact us today!

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