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How to Tell if a Tree is Rotten or Dying in Waldoboro, ME; Leaning Trees, Growth at Bottom of Trees & More

The trees in your yard likely provide you with needed shade as well as beauty. There are times that your tree may be struggling and you don’t even realize it. When there is a tree that isn’t healthy, it can be a danger to you and those you love. That’s why it’s important to know what the signs are that indicate your tree is struggling and is unhealthy. 207Treeguy.com is here to talk about some of the signs you should be looking for that could indicate your tree is not healthy.

Growth at Bottom of Tree

Many trees send out shoots to survive. This is normal tree behavior. However, if you notice that there are shoots that are at the base of your tree, it could mean there is a problem. The base of your tree should look like any other tree and the shoots are usually several feet away from the base itself.

Excessive Amount of Broken Tree Branches

If your tree is dormant and has no leaves, it can be difficult to determine the health of your trees. During the winter and colder weather, it is completely normal that it loses some branches. If you notice that there are a great deal of branches falling off your tree at any given time, especially when the tree should be flourishing during the summer, there is probably a problem there.

Leaning Trees

The trunk and root system of a tree should be enough to help the tree stay upright. When a tree starts to lean to one side it is often a result of disease or structural abnormalities that are affecting how it grows. They no longer have the strength to withstand the day to day torment that nature throws their way and will start to lean to one side.

Trees Missing Leaves, Flowers and/or Fruit

All trees should have plenty of leaves on them during the summer months. If they are a flowering tree or one that produces fruit, you should see the blossoms show up in the spring sometime. If only a portion of the tree gets the blossoms or there are no blossoms at all, it is a sign that the tree is in trouble.

Visible Tree Boring Insects

Your trees can get infested by pests that will work to destroy it. If your tree is unhealthy, pests are going to be more likely to be attracted to the tree. Sometimes you can see the pests themselves and other times you may only see the damage that is left behind by the pests. At any rate, this is a sign that your tree isn’t healthy.

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If you have a tree that is showing signs of a tree that isn’t healthy, it is time to call on the professionals at 207Treeguy.com to come and inspect it. If we find that the tree is no longer safe, you can count on us to safely remove the trees from your property. Call us today!

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