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Fall Tree Care in Brunswick, ME; Mulching, Wrapping & Pruning Trees to Protect for Winter

Most trees are dormant in the winter, and if they are not protected and cared for, they are vulnerable to the elements, wildlife, pests, and if left weakened they are not prepared to thrive in spring. While they endure the raw intensity of the cold season, the wintery conditions can be stressful on trees, particularly if your trees are newly planted or relatively young. Below, we at TREEGUY.com would like to share some tips prepping your trees in fall, to prepare them to withstand the winter.

Pruning Trees in Fall

During the fall and winter, you can better inspect the tree since the tree’s structure is easily seen and any problem branches can be identified. Pruning trees that overhang perennial or vegetable gardens in winter won’t damage your plantings. Additionally, being that most disease organisms are also dormant, pruning during dormancy can also prevent spreading disease. Our professionals can prune your trees accordingly.

Fall Tree Watering

Until the ground freezes, keep your trees, especially newly planted ones, well-watered. Be sure to remove irrigation bags surrounding the tree trunk prior to freezing temperatures setting in. Water newly planted trees, particularly if your region is in the midst of a prolonged drought, a warm spell thaws trees and soil.

Anti Wilt Spray for Trees

For broadleaf evergreens, winter sun and wind create drying conditions. To reduce moisture loss, spray an anti-desiccant, to covers the leaves with a waxy coating.

Wrapping Trees in Fall

Developing cracks in the trunk, the winter sun thaws a tree trunk by day and cold night air freezes it, causing the bark cells to rupture. Cover trunks with crepe paper tree wrap to protect your trees. Be sure to work from the bottom, and as you wrap the trunk, overlap layers by one-third. Just above lowest branches, halt the wrapping. In addition, the bark on young trees is a special treat that rabbits and voles love to gnaw on. The inner wood becomes exposed as they generally consume both outer and inner bark. Starting at the bottom and working upward, wrap trunks with plastic tree guards to protect them from rats. The tree likely won’t survive if the chewing damage occurs halfway around the trunk; wrap past the snow line. In the spring, be sure to remove the wrap.

Should I Mulch My Trees in the Fall?

Add a thin layer of not more than 2 inches, of organic mulch beneath your tree’s drip line. For protection against extreme temperature and slows water loss from soil, mulch insulates soil and tree roots. Too much directly on the tree trunk can cause issues and wait until the ground freezes to prevent mice from nesting in your mulch.

Best Way to Knock Snow Off Trees

Tree branches can break with accumulated snow. Be sure to use upward movements to gently push the snow from off of the limbs. Avoid the impulse to break ice off branches and use a garden hose connected to a hot water faucet to remove them instead.

Tree Stump Grinding, Root Removal & More in Gorham, Lewiston, Brunswick, Saco, Cape Elizabeth & Greater Portland, Maine

Ensure rock salts are kept away from your trees. The ability to absorb water, oxygen and nutrients is interfered with rock salt. Products containing potassium, calcium, or magnesium chloride are safer. TREEGUY.com is readily available to assist with pruning and other fall/winter care needs. Call us today for quality services.

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