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Can You Prune a Tree Wrong in Freeport, ME? Is Topping Trees, Lion Tail Pruning & Cutting Heavy Branches Bad?

Many people will attempt to trim their own trees. These people often assume that pruning a tree is simple enough. However, many people will make common mistakes when pruning their trees and some of these mistakes can even kill or weaken the tree. Some pruning or trimming mistakes can leave the tree misshapen and permanently alter the course of your tree growth. 207 Tree Service would like to share some of the tree trimming or pruning mistakes and why it worth hiring a professional.

Is Topping Good for Trees?

One common mistake that is one of the worst mistakes a person can make is topping a tree. Topping a tree is even a mistake that is made by professional tree care services. Topping a tree is bad because it involves cutting the tree’s main trunk or branch leaders. Topping a tree is done to control the height of the tree. When the tree is topped, it will respond by releasing a lot of water sprouts. When the tree releases too many of water sprouts, it weakens and stresses out a tree. Depending on the species of tree that has been topped, some may recover while others will die. Trees should never be topped. If the tree height is a major issue, you may need to have the tree removed and plant a smaller tree species.

What Happens if You Prune a Large Heavy Tree Branch?

When you prune a tree branch that is over 4 inches in diameter, this is basically a large wound in the tree. Where sometimes a large branch, especially weakened or dead branches, needs to come off, it is important that the wounds are sealed. A natural way for the tree to seal its own wounds is by cutting the branch to the base of the trunk. The trunk will grow over the cut and seal its wound. Many people will not cut the branch to the trunk base, leaving an open wound that the tree cannot properly seal. Insects can use these open wounds to enter the tree and kill it. If a larger branch needs to be cut off, it is important that it is cut to the trunk.

What is Lion Tail Pruning?

Lion tailing is a term that describes a thin patchy canopy that has a lot of visible branches and poor leaf or foliage growth. Lion tailing occurs when the tree received a crown cleaning or also known as a crown reduction which means thinning out the top of the tree. Some trees are not suited for crown cleaning and will develop lion tailing. As a homeowner who wants to do their own tree trimming and or pruning it is important to know your tree and how it should be pruned. Some trees may not recover from lion tailing. This is why it is best to contact a tree care service that knows how to care for the different types of trees.

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There are a lot of mistakes that DIY tree trimmers can make. For proper tree care that promotes healthier and beautiful trees, contact 207 Tree Service and schedule our services today.

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