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Portland, ME TREEGUY | Trimming, Removal & More

Tree Removal & Trimming, Stump Grinding & More

TreeGuy of Portland, MEWelcome to 207 Tree Service! Being in the industry for nearly 40 years, our experts are eager to serve the locals of Greater Gulf Shores, Alabama with remarkable services. With integrity and friendly customer service, 207 Tree Service strives to exceed our valued client’s expectations. With affordably priced services both residential and commercial services are made attainable. Being a family owned and operated as well as completely licensed and insured, we are going above and beyond to be the trusted name and providing exceptional services.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming is a vital tree maintenance service that improves the health of your trees in addition to managing its appearance. We will eliminate any branches that are unhealthy or overgrown so that your tree can grow healthier and larger when you call on the professionals at 207 Tree Service to trim your trees. Instead of the diseased and damaged branches, the healthier tree limbs can get the water and nutrients that your tree pulls from the soil to disperse throughout. In the event your tree is posing a danger to surrounding structures, as well as power lines, you may need the expertise of our limb removal services.

Emergency Hazardous Tree Removal

Trees, unfortunately, are in need of removal on your Greater Portland, ME commercial and residential properties on occasion. You can count on 207 Tree Service to remove trees safely and effectively, no matter if you are removing the tree because of disease, pest infestation, it is causing a negatively impact, or need for more space. Whereas there are some instances where the tree can be spared by only removing a portion of the tree, you need the experts to help in this case as well. With the team of specialists of 207 Tree Service, we can help you determine if any trees need to be removed and ensure it is done efficiently and most importantly, safely.

Stump Grinding & Removing

It is extremely difficult to handle removing the stump without the right equipment, especially if you had to remove a large tree from your Gulf Shores, Alabama property. To remove even the largest stumps from your yard, 207 Tree Service has the necessary equipment to ensure the stump is removed and the roots are grinded out to ensure the tree cannot regrow. Stumps that do not get removed are subject to pest infestations, especially the wood destroying pests, as well as diseases that can affect the vegetation of your landscaping. Also, stumps can be a real eyesore in any yard. For peace of mind the job is done correctly when you need a stump removed, call 207 Tree Service and let our certified experts make certain it is done efficiently and spare you the grief of potential issues.

Best Tree Services in Foley, Orange Beach & Greater Gulf Shores, Alabama | Pensacola, Florida

For all of your commercial and residential tree services in the Greater Portland, ME areas, contact 207 Tree Service and let our specialists assist you with a long list of superior results. Our professionals have the expertise to meet your needs. With safety and customer satisfaction as our top goals, you can have the assurance we are going to get the task completed effectively.

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